You can select either Japanese food or Western food for breakfast.
Breakfast comes with a healthy vegetable buffet.

Hours: 7:00 to 10:00

Japanese food

Western food


Breakfast vegetable buffet


Lunch sets consist of a main dish (choose one from the selections provided), a vegetable buffet, a dessert buffet and a drink bar.
*Lunch charges vary depending on the main dish selected.

Hours: 11:30 to 14:30
(Last order: 14:00)

Main dish (example menu)


Vegetable buffet

Vegetable buffet
15 vegetable dishes, soup curry, brown rice, and more


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At dinner time at Yuuyoo Terrace Kushiro, which is also very popular for lunch, diners can enjoy a selection of grilled dishes such as aged T-bone steak, as well as a wide variety of bar-style Chinese food.
There is also a wine buffet and Japanese sake that go together perfectly with Chinese food!

Hours: 17:30 to 21:00
(Last order: 20:00)
*Closed on Sundays

Recommended dish

Very popular
authentically aged T-bone steak

1g=12yen(including tax)

Savor the flavor of this deliciously aged meat.

As we can only offer this steak in limited quantities, guests are encouraged to make reservations.  + [Vegetable buffet] + [Dessert buffet] + [Drink bar]

■Chinese tapas

* A ¥480 (including tax) table charge and 5% service charge will be charged separately.

■Wine buffet

○Wine buffet ¥1,480 per person/90 minutes

○Premium wine buffet ¥1,980 per person/120 minutes
With sparkling wine

■Banquet plans

All courses include the all-you-can-drink menu and wine buffet

○¥5,000 (tax/service charge included) plan [7 courses]

○¥6,000 (tax/service charge included) plan [8 courses]

○¥7,000 (tax/service charge included) plan [8 courses]

○¥8,000 (tax/service charge included) plan [9 courses]

*Available for parties of 6 or more.