Hotel Concept

Welcome to this riverside of dreamlike sunsets.

Sailors sailing around the world were fascinated by the beautiful sunset in Kushiro, which was later referred to as one of the three best sunsets in the world along with those seen in Bali and Manila. The amazing scenery gradually gained popularity throughout Japan, attracting a great number of photographers eager to take pictures of the scenic beauty.

Our hotel is located alongside the Kushiro River, which offers an optimum location for observing sunsets. Weather permitting, guests can watch the evening sun setting over the mouth of the river and enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Kushiro, which can be clearly seen silhouetted against the fantastic evening sky.

Renovated Designer Hotel

The Kushiro Century Castle Hotel, established in December 1987, was designed by the late Kiko Mozuna, a Kushiro City native known as a master of postmodernism architecture. It is regarded as one of the first designer hotels in Japan. In December 2015, the hotel was renovated by a female designer with flexible sensitivity based on Mr. Mozuna's design concept. Once completed, it was reborn as a hotel featuring excellent design and superb functionality.

Traditions passed down to the hotel

The Kushiro Century Castle Hotel has carved out a long history since its foundation.
One of the traditions handed down to the hotel is that of the brass key plates, which have been used since its establishment. Although card keys have become popular in recent years at most hotels, we continue to carefully polish and use our key plates, in which our history and stories with guests have been inscribed.
The traditional services we have offered throughout the years to our guests have been passed down to the renovated hotel.

Services that can only be offered by a hotel with 48 rooms

The Kushiro Century Castle Hotel is a small hotel with 48 guest rooms in total. We focus meticulous attention on offering our guests cordial hospitality.

As the only city hotel with local interests in Kushiro, each and every member of our hotel crew is striving to become a travel concierge capable of playing a central role in welcoming and providing hospitality to tourists visiting the area.
Please feel free to ask us anything, even the most trivial of questions.